My first flag been wanting to make one for sometime now

This is my first attempt at making a flag. I don’t think it turned out to bad.


I don’t mean to alarm you, but I think you carved it upside down.


Man that must be why it took so long. Have to remember that with the next one


I like your flag and the USMC but my old Marine buddy always loved the Globe and Anchor. My Marine buddy is gone now but I will always remember he loved God, Country and the Marine Corp. OORAH

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I also love the eagle globe and anchor; however, I have not been able to perfect it yet. Just can’t get it to come out looking decent.

If your looking for the globe and anchor flag watch this video by chris Powell, does a good job explaining it. I used it awhile ago and the results were great.

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I have watched the same video my problem is getting it to cut properly. I have tried a 60 degree v bit and can’t get the results he gets. I have recently purchased some smaller v bits and going to give them a try

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