My First Flag made for some of my 'gun' friends

This is my first attempt at a flag. Just have an SO3, so flag is about 7.2 X 14.5. Will look into tiling next. Been learning a lot and this group has been extremely helpful.


God Guns and Guts made America Great. For me it is In Glock I Trust. I saw a video on youtube that they are introducing a Glock 19 Generation 1 Commemorative Gun. It will be called a P80. The generation 1 Glock P80 was commissioned by the Austrian Military. There are some small differences from the original but if you are a Glock fan they will be in limited supply. The original P80 is a collectors item. When made I am sure no one thought a Gaston Glock’s guns would ever become a collectors item.


Nice. Can I ask, how’d ya paint it? Masking Tape? or some other technique?

@shelkol I saw this when you first posted, but I’ve seen a lot since then. So, I’m just sayin’ that that flag would benefit greatly from some white epoxy infill, and it would be easy to do … unlike painting it white. +1

I masked and spray painted it before cutting. Then after cutting, I take a brass wire brush, clean it up and then touch up the paint. I don’t like painting. I call this my lazy way.


You are absolutely right, but…

There is the fear of the unknown, I haven’t delved into epoxy yet. I wonder about cleanup. I wonder about tinting.

This is a new hobby and I am trying to tackle one thing at a time. It is fall and I have to get lots of non woodworking stuff done before winter. Plus its a hobby and I won’t be selling anything cause then it won’t be a hobby anymore.


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Epoxy can be dyed any color. The only issue can be if you don’t mix enough and need to mix more. So write down how many drops you add and use a scale for the epoxy to get consistent color. I have done a lot of epoxy fill. I apply the epoxy and sand off the excess. I have started using Easy Liner Adhesive Shelf paper or Oramask 813 and paint with a brush and/or airbrush with acrylic I buy at Walmart.

Whichever method you use you need to seal the wood. I use dewaxed shellac. The shellac keeps the paint or epoxy from soaking up the capillaries of the wood.


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