My first large Christmas wall hanging

My first large size Christmas wall hanging with my Shapeoko!

Purchased design svg file at:

Glued 2 boards together, sanded, and followed masking and painting technique at:

Carved the entire design with 60 degree v-bit.

Added 1-inch offset around the design, cut it out with ¼ inch bit, and then rounded the whole thing on a router table with a 3/8 bit.

Still need to fix the shellac on the edges a little, but I think it came out great!

(on chair to show size… it’s almost 24 inches tall.)


Very cool, what kind of masking film did you use?

The Oracal 631 vinyl that was recommended in the painting video. It worked really well.

Wish they had a UK equivilant of that oracal I have struggled to find anything that gives good results

Try to look for semi permanent self adhesive shelf liner (not transparent). Try different brands until you find one that works. I use the Wallymart Duck brand but I’m sure some others are similar.