My first part off the Shapeoko 3

Thanks for all the help so far !

Ran my first part and all went well ! The router works great ! Need to learn more on Vcarve Pro that I’ve had for sometime now that I have a router to cut parts.



That looks awesome! Your first part is infinitely better than mine was!

What were your feeds and speeds? and stepover? Did it finish pretty smooth?

And what would you change if you did it again?

Vectric software is excellent, though it does work quite differently from traditional CAD. I eventually forked out for aspire and haven’t looked back :slight_smile:

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Hi Stuart,

The anchor is about 4" wide x 5" tall. I cut at a 45 degree angle with about .010" step over, 10" ipm plunge and 20" ipm
feed rate. No roughing passes, just set as finish pass. Finish came out great ! Might try faster feed rate, but new to this so I stayed on the slower side. No chip out on details. Did not check time so guessing about 1:45 run time.
Cherry wood with coat of Briwax light brown.

Thanks for looking and the comments !