My first power on Nomad 883

Hello to this great community,

After installing a tool I did the zero on the board and I start checking the geometry. The board is off 0.2mm on the left rare side. I did the first tutorial and I had to do it twice because the first time id didn’t cut completely the bottom aluminum face. I had to use a to use Z zero slightly below the top face in order to cut the bottom part. The result is very good. Did the second tutorial the 3D head and the result is very nice.
Next step: order a tool to level the board. What to do you think to have this feature included in Carbide Motion?
Another comment regarding the units in Carbide Motion. Starting the program it’s in mm then after loading a project it switches to inch. Is there a way to select the unit for the display? I prefer to work in mm.
For me it was an easy start.

Hi Cpignol,

The waste-board will almost never be level by default when you first screw it down, and that’s OK and normal.

Typically people will face the board (cut a tiny bit of material off so that it’s level) or not worry about it and face your work-pieces when you start a 3D job, or plan to cut into the waste board a little bit anyway to make sure you cut fully clear through your material on your contouring passes when doing 2D profiles.

It gets more important to have things leveled up when you’re doing flip-jig machining, which you won’t be yet until the fixture comes in—and it rests straight on the aluminum base-plate anyway, to keep things flat & true.

You generally don’t need to “level the table” in software as a result, unlike a 3D printer where the build-platen might be out-of-square and you’re correcting for it. If your machine is out of square there are other issues!

I’m not sure about the units switching, I haven’t experienced that. But, you can work in mm in MeshCAM when you’re getting your own files ready, so it shouldn’t throw you off there.

Good luck!


Units: When I did my test yesterday, the units in Carbide Motion change from mm to inches after the load of
the project, I mean the position values where displayed in inches.
Try to reproduce the problem today and I can not.
So random problem but not a big deal anyway,