My Hello World!

Woohoo! Finally got time to get the machine together and moving around. What a beast. I have a shapeoko 1 and I have to say this is one crazy upgrade.

First run at hello world went smoothly. I found the tutorial easy to follow and really liked that the fill is a second job so I could play with having the machine run multiple jobs on the same part. It looks like I may have some adjustments to make since i stopped marking the paper correctly near the end. Maybe the issue is in the cardboard or my printed attachment. I guess I should get some measuring tools out and actually be a proper builder to find out…

I decided I might as well try the hello world again and see how repeatable things are. I lowered the Z slightly and things look much better. Whatever is out must not be out by much.

Very happy with the S3 so far. Great job to the design team, and a HUGE thanks to the people commenting on the forums. Every issue I hit along the way was answered somewhere here already with a little searching. Keep up the good work!


My guess is your spoilboard is not entirely level with your axis. You will likely want to level it at some point depending on how accurate you want you machining to be.