My Holiday gift

After my voice started to get louder in an argument about her using my credit card, and to avoid any escalation, my wife showed me my holiday gift from her.


Yea I have been married 41 years and sometimes I learn when to keep my mouth shut and it really helps if you setup your credit card notifications to text and alert when ever there is any charge cause the alert also has the company it was charged to.



Open mouth, insert foot.


Im lucky in that my wife condones my bad habits. She is the one that talked me into the Shapeoko 4xl while struggling with the size of my Millright machine.


Did that, and the shoe got stuck in my mouth.

My gift finally arrived today. The reason for the delay was because I decided to get the 8” chuck instead of the 4”, & it was out of stock. It came with the new Richauto B581E 5” 4K Color Display CNC Controller.

Installation instructions allows me to attaché it permanently on a solid aluminum jig that can be bolted to the front overhang area. This way you’re not decreasing the Y work area, you’re adding up to 42”, the max. diameter of material the 8” chuck & tailstock can handle.


I think I’m gonna have to buy Rhino 7 to be able to get true 3D on this Rotary addition. I’ve been using Vectric Aspire for about 3 years now, and even though it supports my Laguna Rotary 4th axel, but it can only do 2.5D and not 3D. According to Laguna support, Rhino 7 will take full advantage of the Rotary and it’s a true 3D CAD/CAM app.

It ended up that I have to purchase Rhino 7, then purchase RhinoCAM Expert version to have full support of Laguna Rotary 4th axis.

Please, I need your thoughts guys. Is it worth it? Or do I have any other options?

Have you considered using Fusion360 and indexing several known rotation angles ? Basically, the simplest example of this is a flip job where you machine the other side after rotating the stock 180°. But now imagine you only rotate by, say, 30°, and create 12 different setups in Fusion each rotated by an additional 30°, and in each of those setups you generate toolpaths to clear material that is available from that particular angle. There is an example of this in the contest section somewhere that I can dig up.
Me, I would not shell out $3199 for CAM software just to have real 3D rotary carving capability, but to each their own !

EDIT: I mean this approach: Spin Spin Sugar - Indexing


I second Julien’s post, but what type of work are you planning on doing rotary? Vectric has a rotary post for the Laguna in Vcarve Pro.

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I know for a fact that Autodesk supports rotary 4 axis in inventor HSM WEBCast. There is no direct support, specially in fusion360.

I use Vectric Aspire and as vCarv pro, it has no direct support for 4th axis.
I will be using the rotary to carve replicas of Islamic artifacts that goes back to Andalusia civilization that ended in 1295 ad, with the fall of Grinata, the last Islamic state in Andalusia, or what is called now Spain.

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