My introduction

Hi Everyone
Im new here, so i wanted to introduce myself to tge forum.
Im 66 retired Aero- Space Machinist / inspector
Ive workedin the Pacific northwest for the last 23 years.
I live 30 miles north of Seattle
Since retiring i have purchased and converted a 10 inch lathe and a Grizzly G0704 Benchtop Mill to CNC operation.
I just purchased a 3018 engraver that i purchased as a kit and assembled it.
It runs GRBL board using Candle platform for machine movement
In the near future, i will be adding a cnc plasma machine as well as a cnc router.
Im struggling right now with carbide create pro , hence my reason for posting here, the last few days


Well welcome. You can create the project in Carbide Create but Carbide Motion will not work for sending the gcode. There is likely a native program to send the gcode to the 30118. There are a lot of gcode senders out there that are free.

Since you sound like you already understand cnc machines there is a learning curve for Carbide Create. It is not too hard but most of the tutorials are for older versions. The Pro version adds the ability to have a roughing pass and leave what ever cushion you want to have and the finishing path cuts to the final dimension. The Advanced Vcarve allows you to pocket out wide parts of a vcarve and limit the depth of cut. You typically use a flat end mill to rough the design and then change to a vee bit to finish the object. Vcarving without the advanced vcarving will try to touch both sides of a line and will cut as deep as that requires. The regular vcarving will cut deeply if you have a wide line so the advanced vcarve sets a depth limit so you do not go all the way through a thin piece of material.

Ask your questions here and you will get help. I participate on many forums and this is by far the most helpful bunch you will find. Most people with the 3018 will upgrade rather quickly due to the limitations of the machine. However it is a good starter and may be your forever machine.

If you are having problems with a file it is helpful to post the Carbide Create file and any gcode. Since your machine does not have a bit setter you have to make each tool a separate tool path. Then disable them and leave one enabled and save the gcode. Then disable the enabled one and enable other tool paths one at a time.

Since you are an experienced machinist you know to cut the least invasive paths first and then cut until the last one that will cut out your part with tabs.

Good Luck and fire away.


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