My Laptop table designed by rustynaildesignco

So this is my take on Cutrocket’s rustynaildesignco laptop table. My 9 year old laptop was too big for the designed base but everything else works great. It will allow me to design a tool try for quick needs along the front of the 5 pro while bits and everything else will go in the draws. Lower shelf to come for the table as well as some more lateral supports to control some extra movement when operating.


Nice setup. I have a portable table that I keep my laptop on. It works well and keeps my laptop further away from the flying chips. You design looks very good though. Recently someone posted an application called linkage. It is a program that figures out making articulated things like your laptop holder. I have been going to try it out to make a light to go over my router table. Just have not got around to it yet. The wishlist/todo list is quite long.

You may have just got it setup but I buy some velcro cable ties that can neaten up your wiring. I use them all the time for securing cords. I hate dangling cords. I use them all over the house to shorten cords and tidy up things. You can buy them at most big box stores.


Thanks for the kind words. Yes I hate cable mess also but just trying to get everything where it needs to be and working before tying everything up again. I’ve been plagued with bit runner and bit zero problems as well as connection issues. Getting there.

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I made a EvilMadScientist computer cart back in 2014 that I still use.


I have literally been saving pics of this very style design to make something similar for my set up. Right now, I balance my laptop on whatever is close by. Nice job!

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What are you using for the USB-A to USB-B cable? I’m finding that the 6ft cable that comes with the S5Pro is a bit limiting.

To say the least too short. I was having issues with it stopping mid cut. Heard I should use a powered usb hub which I did and installed a high grade usb extension to bring it over. I’m still adding extensions and relocating things to get the wiring under control before I finish up the table. Hope this helps.

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The cut file is on cut rocket. Search Laptop

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