My latest Shapeoko project

Prismatic, layered photos!

More on my project website,

Here’s a little about my workflow (e.g., how I do this):

  • Images are separated into layers in Photoshop
  • Each layer is traced into a vector using Potrace and Inkscape, then combined into a single SVG
  • The SVG is extruded into a STL
  • The STL is imported into MeshCAM and cut on my Shapeoko, using a 1/4" square end mill for roughing, followed by 1/8" square bit for finishing and sometimes a 1/16" bit for pencil cleanup to get more detail in tight areas.
  • The photo is printed, and the same SVG created above is used with a drag knife and SheetCAM to cut the photo along the same lines as the wood was carved.
  • The photo is glued to the wood, then treated with a matte finish to protect the surface.

I’m a software engineer by trade, so the software portion of the workflow is highly automated.