MY lesson for today, check sweepy clearance

Okay, I had broken the work cutout into two different portions of the file so I could account for the 1.5" depth without comprimising dust collection. I cut the first 3/4", did all the inside work which required a couple end mill changes, then went back and finished the cut out. That way I would have a chance to adjust the 201 end mill to ensure I had enough cutter room to perform the task. But I forgot to also switch out the deep sweepy for the shallow sweepy. The loud bang got my attention though…

When the sweepy made contact, it forced the spindle up into the z-axis mount, and threw off the z-zero, also knocked the x and y off slightly.

Fortunately, after a complete reset, moving the spindle back down in the mount, reseting the zero’s, and starting over, the rest of the cut went fine. Good thing these things are tough…

So yeah, make sure you’ve got enough room for the sweepy. lol. :see_no_evil:


I keep having these deep carves that I want a sweepy for all heights. :crazy_face: If I use the short boot it’s like motor boating for an hour before it will work, if I use tall without a tool change…well…don’t do that. And then we can go naked and just stand there as a vacuum assistant. :laughing:

I need a sweepy that is close to the body of the spindle and the bristles slide up whether automagically or because I’m an operator operating.

Today I didn’t have a sweepy on, was manually vacuuming and the head of the vacuum got stuck under the spindle and luckily I just lost temporary coordinates. Homed, and with gSender I just picked back up a dozen gcode lines prior and was pretty much good to go.

Glad your work finished well! Adrenaline dumps are no fun.

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That’s why I really like the spindle raise when hitting pause. I start with the deep and then push and switch to the regular to finish up.

I understand that the pause doesn’t do that on the 5 though.

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Oh… my heart hurts when I hear that… yes… I would dearly love a pause lift… I need to see if I can do that in gSender, it’s the only thing I haven’t and it’s such an important concept to fixing things before they get insane. Thanks for reminding me to look into that.

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A pause lift would be awesome, then we could start with the deep sweepy and change to the shallow sweepy when it was time to do so. (Disclaimer added that changing the sweepy when the spindle is turning is definitely not a good idea [crosses fingers behind his back] and I have definitely never done so.)


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