My machine upgrades are done!

As many will be aware I’m a big fan of upgrading my machine. However time has come to stop upgrading it and start using it more.

Granted that might include re-making upgrades that can be quickly dropped in.

Here she is…

Mods this month include:

New home made linear Z
No contact proximity switches
Drag Chains!

On the drag chain front here is a quick video of the type I used - Here is the link where I bought them.


Looks great! The link for the cheap drag chains would be appreciated!

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Just updated with the link

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Looks great, congrats on “finishing”, 10:1 you’ll discover another upgrade sooner or later, It’s quite enviable, But there’s no need for envy just need time to utilize your sharing. You should be leading the pack and you are a real asset to the community. Thanks Luke, Jude

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Really looks great, and I’ll bet with the spindle + enclosure, that the thing sounds about like a microwave oven when running. Brilliant.

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Your machine upgrades will never be done :grinning:

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Pretty much, the water pump is louder than the machine now… that’s one of my next challenges. To burry it away and reduce the noise. I want to build a full movable bench with enclosed dust extraction, switch gear, laptop slider, tool drawer, lighting and side space for assembly.

Can you post some photos showing how your drag chain is mounted to the machine?

For the X axis, I used about 6" of tape on the left side, this holds down the section that doesn’t move so much. I then used a tie clip to attach it to the motor The motor is supported with 4 screws on my Z and everyone else’s, so seemed like a good place to go from. I did rotate my motor by 90 degrees so the wire didn’t get smushed.

For the Y axis, I took the same approach with tape to begin art the very back then hand made a bracket, which can be seen here. This one is made from 2mm aluminium and I have a cnc design for a replacement coming shortly. It mounts to the stock holes in the frame. Here are pics of the hand made bracket.

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I said my mods were done. Spent an hour extending my motor wires so they wouldn’t poke through the middle of the X…

Bracket design can be found here for the drag chains:

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