My New User Introduction

My name is Mike and I am a retired Paramedic. I have not received my Shapoko 4 Pro yet but am waiting anxiously for it to arrive. I have been doing wood work and metal machining for hobbies as well as carving miniature animals and life size birds for many years. I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I am also an avid hunter. Looking forward to learning cnc. I am a young 71 year old male so sometimes the understanding of a subject comes a little slow but I always manage to get to the destination. Look forward to this learning experience.


Welcome to the insanity that is CNC :slight_smile:

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Hi @Mike_Delke,

Welcome to the community!
Enjoy the ride, I have fond memories of first assembling my SO3, and 5 years later I’m still hooked


We are here to help get you past the difficult issues. There are no dumb questions as you have learned in your time on Earth.

I am glad to see another mature CNC enthusiast joining the ranks.
I hope I can aid you as you grow with your new toy. I’m no expert but have learned a lot with those here who are great educators in the art.
I look forward seeing your first project and those that follow as you grow.
BTW, I am a young 66 years old.

Welcome, Yooper! :slight_smile:

You came to the right place. Lot’s of friendly, helpful people here.
Looking forward to seeing what you do with your machine.

I’m a “Troll” (Algonac, MI), but I visit & hunt in Crystal Falls every year (~37 yrs)

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