My Nomad is in troubles

Hi all. I’m really scared about the safety of my Nomad. Today it collapsed.

First of all I’ve contact with support and even I’m still waiting news from them. In the past they have helped me a lot.

So I just want to know if something similar happen to anyone and solve it. Just to feel myself better.

The problem I have today looks like a jam. On the second link below those lines you can hear the terrible noise it has started to do. The first time it did that noise it was moving on the automatic movement before to set the zero position. It occurs when moving down to contact checking the height of the bit.

Then I stopped it with the emergency switch.

After it, I turn it off, and move by hand checking there was no any jams. Everything looks “ok”.

I turn on the machine. Connect it again with the computer and start to homing. It looks ok. But when doing the movement of measuring the tool it goes to the right correctly but when coming back it stop before to final position.

I’ve open the machine. Just the back cover. And the upper looking for any strange pieces of garbage making the jam. But I see nothing.

Any help??? I’m a little bit scared about it.

Now as summary I can say it has two behaviors. Depends where I put by hand the engines central piece. If I put it from the middle to the right of the horizontal axis then I can connect with computer, homing the machine, but when measuring the bit of stop before to move completely to the left side.

The second behavior happen when I put by hand the movable part on the left side of the axis horizontal machine. Then it start to make a terrible noise and the machine start to going down, the only way to stop it is with the emergency switch. And it goes down like on pulses. Like if it has a jam or something.

Any tips, ideas or help is welcome. Thanks to all.

Hi @David,
I’m on an iPad and can’t get your links to play, but from your description it sounds like maybe you are having the same problem as I am, which is well described here:

Is that what yours is doing? If so, it’s just a damaged wire connecting to the z-axis motor, @Jorge will have you sorted out in no time!

I received a shipping notice for a new wire assembly a few days ago, and instructions today to install it, should be back up and running before the week is over.

I hope this helps - as I said I can’t be sure because the video won’t play for me.

Hi there David, some former support here to chime in—in both cases based on the video I’m guessing electronics.

In the first one it’s hard to say without seeing the log of the machine as it’s trying to run, but in the second one it sounds like a motor wiring issue or something is not right on the controller board.

First step is to unplug and re-seat the connectors for the motors to be sure that they’re all making a good connection, because if something is loose that’ll make it do that.

Once you’ve re-seated all the connectors, try again, and let’s see what happens :relaxed:

If it’s not improved at all, then inspect the board for any singe marks around or on any components, any solder blobs out of place, or other signs of bad mojo on the boards.

Take pictures and share them if you don’t mind, so the rest of us can see if we see something you might miss.

Hi, Jorge have contact with me on the email; the problem with terrible noise when moving down looks from a Z axis wire broken, like happen to you @MrHume. He is going to replace it, thanks a lot to him and the full support team.

Now we are trying to identify the problem why it stop on the middle of the way in the measuring process. I’m going to do a new full video (this afternoon spanish time) with homing and measuring process. To see if he can get more ideas.

Here are some pictures from inside the machine:

Did you resolve this?

I have the exact same behaviours:

  • If the head is to the left when I power up, then I get the grinding noise and z-axis drop
  • If the head is to the right when I power up, the machine stops as it moves left for tool measurement.

I see that you have contacted — we’ll work this out there.

Thanks to Carbide support and Jorge for fixing my issue. As mentioned in some of the above replies, the fault with my machine was the z-axis cable or the connector on the z-motor. Cardbide sent me replacement parts to fix the issue.
Thanks for the good support!

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