My presentation

Hi all.
I am an old man from Norway - bought my first cnc (3018) two years ago. Last spring i bought the Sainsmart 4030 ProVer.
A mont ago I expand it to a 6060
I use Carbide Create Pro. Very pleased with that.
Give me the «tool» to advance an learn.
For a while ago I started to find out the «3D» possibilibies. I still have a thousen miles too go.
At the time I test out making bowls - all from my own ideas - no bought files.


Nice bowl. I have a cnc and want to make hybrid lathe turning and then finish on the CNC. That is a very nice form and the handles on the sides are quite nice. Keep up the good work. What wood? It looks like walnut but looks can be deceiving.

And you are right - it is walnut👍

Beautiful piece. The handle design elements are really nice.

I like the handles too :sunglasses:

This looks great! Could you by chance provide a quick walkthrough of how you went about designing the piece in CCPro?

I will try to make a walk trough -:raising_hand_man:
I guess you are familiar with CC Pro ?
I will try write it tomorrow.

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Very nice. I’m working on a bowl also. Did you use pins to index the blank when you flipped it?

I used an angle hook, 90 degrees, which I fixed on The spoilboard.

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