My Pro broke down today

I was cutting a 3d US flag on the machine and while going from left to right it took a deep dive into the oak I’m using. I was in front of the machine when it happened and hit my emergency stop which kills the power to the router and the machine, so it didn’t sit there and grind.

I’ve used this same file before and never had a problem with it. But now when I went back to cutting, the z axis mount shudders when cutting from left to right. It does fine when going from right to left. I reduced the stepover on the 3d roughing pass and it still does it. The bit appears to be ok, I couldn’t see any excessive runout in it. What normally is at fault when something like this happens? The belt also seems to be ok, no broken teeth I can see.

I’ve got customers waiting for flags, not a good position to be in.


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If you haven’t yet, send support an email, possibly with a video with the issue you are talking about.


Remove the belt and inspect it, then reinstall it flipping it end-for-end if it’s okay.

If you need a new belt, let us know at and we’ll do our best to get this sorted out.


Thanks Will, I’ve got a ticket in.

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