My quest for organization. Control box, tool tray, dust collection

I have had my 3xxl since November and I have had a great time making projects and learning a lot.

My first project, which seems to be a rite of passage, was my tool tray. I got the design from

The first thing I realized is that dust collection is paramount. At first I just hovered over my projects with my vacuum hose. That got old very fast and I ordered the suckit dust boot. That led to another mini project of making the adapter ring for my vacuum hose to the dust boot.

To control everything a little better I made a control box, using the shapeoko to do the cutouts and lettering of course… This is version 1 of the wiring.

My wiring was not optimal and the main power plug and power cable were not the right rating and the plug eventually melted

That brought me to the control box wiring version 2 which is much more robust, rated to 15A.

I built a frame around the mill to hold the lights, and dust collection hose.

And finally added a new tool and bit holder exactly where I wanted it (finally!) No more scattered tools and bits.

Thanks to everyone here on the forums for the great ideas and information!


palaudiver welcome to the community! I too am a newbie here. My XXL was delivered in late December of '19.
I like the frame and box work. I have been thinking of a way to support my dust collection and this gives me an idea!

Again welcome and your setup looks great! :+1:

I dig it!!!..I constantly battle with myself as to whether I should make a frame for mine…thanks for sharing!

I didn’t expect to like the frame as much as I do. It have proven to be incredibly convenient, probably the most useful mod in relation to the time, effort, and cost.

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:+1:What table is that?

That is an aluminum patio table.


I think I have the same table but mine is under a foot or two of snow.

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It seems really well-suited — source and cost?

Mine is old and part of a set (chairs, cushions and umbrella) purchased at a big box store.

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Source and cost are unknown. My neighbor had put it out on the curb. He accidentally cut into one of the corners with a circular saw and no longer wanted it. I got luck. on the plus side it is very sturdy and straight.

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