My review of the T-Track system

So another huge thank you to Shapeoko for sending me the T-track system for my SO3 XXL. I wanted to put it to the test today albeit I was quite nervous as I was modifying a customers top panel on his PC and I don’t know how to say no and play it safe. Here is the what the customer wanted:

I had previously made a L shape out of acrylic to keep a nice zero point for my X and Y axis and mounted the panel to the waste board using the T-Track system:

At this point it is worth noting that one of the major things I have learned lately is that having multiple finishing passes helps out tremendously for allowing chip clearing and thus a cleaner cut on the edge I wanted. So after a few prayers, with the panel mounted, the model created in CAD, the toolpaths generated with CAM I was ready to really put the T-track to the test.

When I saw this initial cut I was really happy to see it looked center enough and this is what I got:

All in all, I am really well pleased! The ONLY thing I would say is worth mentioning, and take my word as less than a grain of salt, is that the XL and XXL models come with 6 to 8 tracks instead of just 4. I feel like having a few extra would definitely add to the versatility of what the T-track system can do for us.

Thanks again for the great product!