My Shapeoko Cabinet

I may have gone over board with the engraving of the bit drawers.

Design is lifted from Creston Woods -, who lifted it from Norm Abram.

I was going to be a router table, then I got my Shapeoko, 2 weeks ago…

The inserts are from McMaster Carr, I’ve seen others insert these with the flange on the top, which is a mistake for clamping, those inserts will rip out of MDF with just a small amount of pressure. I went from the bottom and machined a recess for the flange, now the clamping pressure has to try and pull through all the MDF and rip off 1/16" of steel. Had to move, rotate 180, and flip the wasteboard about 8 times total. Some of the inserts are outside the cutting area. The blue dogs were printed on a makerbot, one crakced so I need to reprint with more plastic.

The purple and green knobs were on sale, besides they’re pretty…