My spindle is dead

The spindle on my Nomad is just about shot. I sent a email to support this morning, but have gotten no response.

I would just replace the bearings myself, but when the spindle was assembled at the factory, they stripped the head on one of the set screws, making it impossible to remove the bearings.

I am very sad, and still waiting for a response from support :frowning:

In a attempt to breathe a little life back into it, I have cleaned it up, and have applied light machine oil to the bearings. They are a little smoother now, but I can still feel the balls ratcheting.

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I assigned your ticket to an engineer in California — not sure when they get started there (may depend on traffic), but we will get to it, and we will work with you to get your machine up and running.

Thanks Will :smiley: To me, my machines are my babies… and when one is sick, I feel sad and anxious.


I came back to work today (Mom died on mother’s day) to find a fedex package from Jorge containing a new spindle for my machine.

If anyone has any doubts about buying a machine from Carbide3D … I can assure you they are friggin’ awesome.
My sick baby (Nomad 883 pro) is up and running again!!! Wheee!!!

Thanks Jorge and the rest of the Carbide3D team!!!


Our condolences at your loss.

Still trying to work out the balancing act of assigning and responding tickets — feels kind of lame to say “I’ve assigned your ticket to , since I’m not able to help you with .” — but we do do our best.