My Suckit Dust Boot Z-Plus Mount

I recently upgraded my machine with a Z-Plus and love it. One issue though is that there was no mount available for my Suckit Dust Boot. I decided to make one myself and figured that there were probably more people in my same situation. My design requirements were that it I could not lose any X travel or require any modifications to the Z-Plus. I also wanted something more rigid than what I could make on my 3D printer.

I also have a post on this in the other Shapeoko forums.


Nice. Every inch of X travel counts, especially on a standard SO3.
What infill did you use on those parts and have you found them to be rigid enough ?

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I used no 3D printed parts in this because it would never have been rigid enough. I did my prototyping with 3D prints and the final is in aluminum.


Ha, I read too fast (and it did look too shiny for a 3D-printed part :slight_smile: )
Makes sense.

No worries, 3D printing has its place and is perfect for quick prototyping. Filament is way cheaper than aluminum. I have a Prusa MK3 and love it.


You can definitely get the needed rigidity with modern printing materials, but it will not be cheaper than aluminum anymore :slight_smile:

For example imho this stuff is great…

You can get some pretty cool filaments but the effort and cost involved in being able to print them makes them not as attractive unless you need features you can only make with 3D printing. I have never actually printed any of the chopped fiber filled stuff. I did just get a hardened steel nozzle not to long ago so I could.

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