My tray procedure

I thought I would share my procedure for making trays. I make 4 different sizes, and have work coordinates set for each size in my Fusion 360 setup. I have matching work coordinates setup in CNCjs and 4 dowel holes in my wasteboard for each size.This pic is with the dowels in place.

I start off by cutting my stock to size (X,Y) and putting grooves in the side for clamps. Then I face this side and put in the matching dowel holes. This is done with a “moving” work coordinate “G54”

The dowel holes are press fit size. I can flip this over and hammer the stock down onto the dowels. Now I mill out the legs and handles. Leaving enough stock to hold the piece together really well, about 3/8"+.
Matching dowel holes are put in this side also for the final flip. At this point, I can put the piece to the side and wait on the customer to give me a custom order for the top.

Once I know what the customer wants, I can hammer the piece back onto my wasteboard and finish it up.

I hope this may give some of you some ideas, and maybe give me some ideas.
Happy machining!!!


Thanks for sharing your process, it looks very efficient and great for prepping a product then just chucking them in to personalize and finish them once the orders come through.

It looks like you leave 1/8" on the outside then cut all the way through leaving tabs on the final profile cut, is that how you do it?

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Yes. The final cut is an outside contour from the top side. I do leave tabs on this final cut.