My version of an endmill organizer

Needed something to mount on the wall for holding end mills. It’s not perfect, few hiccups, like making the dogbones twice as big as they needed to be, and the holes for the small mills a bit too big, but it was another learning experience. It mounts on the leftover french cleat system I use. 3/4" plywood milled separately and laminated together after to allow me to have 1" deep holes.


Dude, you milled in a place for a beer? Awesome!


Here is another version! A freebie from 2 members of a group I belong to who took it upon themselves to produce 26 of these, one for each member as a Xmas present. Very nicely done with the tool sizes milled in and inked. The overlap of the backing tilts the main panel forward for easy viewing. No, I do not have the files for this. Sorry! Easy to make though!