My very first item!


Nice job.
Looks great.

Looks good for the first one, but remember your first date? :smiley:

I always include a duplicate toolpath that drops the Z-zero down about 0.002" and run it. (You could manually drop your Z lower, but that’s a little advanced.)

You will clean out all of the fuzzies and have almost nothing left to do but paint it.

PS. A contrary way to do this is to raise your Z-zero on your first toolpath and cut the duplicate at the designed level. This is sometimes better if you have finer details in your lettering.

Ahhh that makes sense, i did the sign for my girlfriend, ive now got 3 more to do for her mum !!!

Yep…. About 22 years ago. Cute shorter blond. I doubled with a friend. We went to a monster truck rally. Um… not the best first date to get to know someone…

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I had a date want me to take her to see Clockwork Orange. That was a weird night.


Looks good buddy. First time’s the hardest. I’m not far ahead of you at all on this path. Keep up the good work.