My wish for 2020

A new controller board that supports a 5th axle, and adding a rotary 5th axle option for the Shapeoko 3.

What happened to the “4th” ??? :smiley:

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Yep, you need a 4th axis, not a 5th.
But the issue is the potential z height being very limited.

A 5th axis would be nice too, but you definitely would need a lot more Z height.

It awakened and left the building


I’m all for the 4th axis myself and would be willing to make some sort of a table modification to allow the 4th axis to sit down below the typical table height.

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I intentionally named it 5th as I see the port labeled “Laser” on the controller board as 4th. Lol, just kidding. I’m counting x=1, y1=2, y2=3, and finally z=4.

You can do a 4th axis by using the Y to rotate the stock without changing the controller.


4th and 5th axis support, and a version of grbl to support them:

Same board is used for 3,4,5 axis - only change is number of stepper drivers. Has built in spindle driver for brushless spindles, but I haven’t found a use for that yet. Requires a bit of DIY, but it’s not that hard to use in place of the stock controller.


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