My XL stops cutting

It stops in the middle of a cut for a few seconds and then it starts back but not in the right spot. It doesn’t error out, which is weird… what’s weirder is that when it stops, the DRO on screen still increments like it’s moving.

I’ve tried 2 computers, different USB ports, etc

Please advise…

@Wannabe_Maker What software are you using to send the G-code?

I’m using Carbide motion

Have you run other jobs successfully?
Does it happen at the same place in the cut?
Can you tell if it’s a specific motion where the issue happens?

Random spots, sometimes at the beginning, some near the end. I’m using conservitive f&s, but it sounds like when it starts to put a little strain on the motor drivers it fails. Just my thoughts, but who knows.

Do you know what the warranty is on the GRBL pcbs?

@WillAdams sorry for the tag, but just curious about the warranty

@Wannabe_Maker Are you using Carbide Create to generate the code as well?
A couple things to try:
Can you try air cutting the job without the router/spindle? That may rule out EMI.
Try a different sender.

It just baffles me that it’s all of a sudden.

Using Vcarve and fusion

Usually with EMI it’d be noticeable in errors and resets and freezes. Since it’s reporting the job correctly, it makes me think it could be a mechanical thing. Does it start and stop and skip? Could be loose pulleys…motor shaft turns without moving the belt.

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I’ve checked it several times, but will take it down and see if anything is wrong

Re: Warranty — there’s a tech note on this, and a more in-depth page:

Please note that all of the above is lawyer-speak — we stand behind our machines, and while my inclination is to try to talk people through fixing their machines w/ just a wiki and Leatherman PST, we will not leave anyone stuck w/ a machine which does not meet our specifications or work to their (reasonable) satisfaction.

As everyone else noted, usually EMI knocks out the connection — when cutting the controller only accepts commands so as to process them or store them in its buffer — if you 're getting incomplete cuts, it might be a mechanical issue (but these usually manifest as lost steps), more likely is an electronic problem — either a wiring fault (so that pulses are never received by the stepper motors) or a failure in the stepper driver and other electronics (so that pulses are never sent).

Please check your machine per and if you have a multi-meter, please check the continuity of the wiring — if you still have a problem, contact and we’ll do our best to help you puzzle this out.

I investigated the issue and found that it is the main PCB.

I decided to dust off my old Gecko G540 and use the 509Maker Grbl/G540 interface PCB instead of going back with the same PCB. This downtime will allow me to install the SuperPID and touchplate that I’ve been wanting to install for over 6 months.

Thanks everyone for the troubleshooting help!

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Could this be loose set screws on a motor shaft? That could lead to slippage where the shaft would be turning but the bit would not be moving.

That’s all I could come up with,

Another thing to consider is the USB cable. Make sure it’s under 10 feet with iron ferrules for shielding. My cable was my biggest problem (intermittent disconnects) when I first started up with my XXL.

How did you determine it was the PCB? What failed on the PCB?

-check continuity of the motor wiring
-new 3ft usb cable
-different host PC
-different power supply
-had error reoccur without router running

The PCB is the only thing left… I didn’t feel like trying to troubleshoot anymore and it will be better than before with the G540.

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I checked all the mechanical bits as well.

@Wannabe_Maker I thought maybe you swapped with another or noticed something on the PCB. Even though you have the Gecko, I’d contact support. I think they’ll help you out.

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