Mywoodcutters lux cut heads going up in price / shipping speed

Guessing I’m not the only one here that does their own jointing/planing of materials. I was going to (and later did) get a helical head for a jointer I’m rebuilding. I asked the people at mywoodcutters if they would do a discount if I bought the planer one at the same time, and they responded that they’re actually going up in price within 30 days (didn’t give exact figure), so order fast.

Well, I did, for both, and while the tracking number they gave me still doesn’t work, I got the items literally the next day. Definitely heavy, there’s no way the $11 they charged me covered two boxes with a combined weight of 29.8 lbs. Boxes were also incredibly well packed, cutters framed in pine, thick non-corrugated cardboard, foam, then a corrugated box.

Haven’t used them yet, just got them yesterday, but so far, would recommend.

Looks like I just missed this. The Dewalt 735 heads seem to have gone from $499 to $549. Oh well, it’s in stock and that’s 10-12 months (!!!) sooner than waiting for a shelix.

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