N7 Mass Effect Logo

I made this for a family member who has a love for the game Mass Effect. I looked up some steampunkish painting techniques to give it a more beat up look. The cut is made from one solid pine plank. Once I cut away the majority, I tacked on another 1/4" board to the back side to give it some heft and stability.

Clamping the back side and gluing.

This is where I started adding the worn/steampunk look.

Final product

Happy recipient


Looks great nice work.


Nice job! The wear effect looks like actual wear. :+1:

My long term goal is filling my walls with spaceship silhouettes. The Normandy, and the mass relay, are top contenders on the list.

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I’m commander Shepard, and this is my favorite sign on The Citadel.


Much appreciated folks. Now that I am emboldened with this first project, I intend to work on some concepts that are more steam punk using the metallic paints. I was surprised to see how easy it was to accomplish the effect with the right brush strokes.

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I’m a huge mass effect fan, very nicely done!

That is awesome! Nice job!

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