Name Badges (two-tone)

Hi everyone,

This may be old hat to many here, but I’m chuffed that I was finally able to make name badges for out woodworking guild members. I couldn’t find very much help on this subject YouTube-wise. It just kept at it until it was “Okay-enough “. I did see a video from Sir Winston who pointed out the importance of flatness and depth of cut for engravings like this.

The plastic (top layer wood grain [of course]; white underneath is from McMaster-Carr. The badges are 3.5" w x 2.5" h.

There is an intricate detail of a tree that looks best when cut with a 1/32" bit. I add a glue on magnetic clip to hold the badge.

Hope this sharing works. CNC Share - Google Drive

Bill C


I’m not too far from Olympia, are you guys a pretty active group? Nice name tags by the way!

Hi Thomas,
Yes, we are an active group. And thanks for the kind words on the badges.

Our next Guild meeting is Monday evening. Send me your email, and I’ll give you the scoop, or we can chat on the phone. I see your address in your profile, and you are very close. My email is Also, the Guild’s website is

Bill Cogswell

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