NASA reference on isogrids

This was mentioned on the Unofficial Facebook Group, but thought folks would find it of interest here:



shamelessly copy/pasting one of the images here, for the many people here that will not go anywhere near FB:

I wonder if @wmoy should redo his Skeloko based on this pattern !


Yeah, I guess we’ll have to see if we can work up a program which will automatically apply this sort of skeletonization to a part in OpenSCAD.

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In an open truss structure this is great. But if you’re not doing a full cutout and leaving a skin behind it, I think the “Orthogrid” mendioned in Smarter Every Day’s rocket factory tour would give you the best strength to weight ratio. I might do another Shapeoko extrusion in that style this fall…


Looks like they got the Shapeoko XXXXXXXXXXXXXL version to make those Vulcan parts.

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