Navigating around Create is a bit confusing..!

Well, for me, anyway :frowning:

I’ve imported a *.dxf file into a new Job, but it’s much bigger than I want it to be - and yet I can’t find my way back to the correct menu to resize the darned thing!

I can get to Stock Size from the Setup screen, but that’s it.

Screenshot attached :slight_smile:

Guidance would be appreciated.

Hi Peter,

Job Setup should be left alone, it must match the actual physical dimensions of the stock.

You can use the “resize” feature in the Design tab to scale that huge shape back to a manageable size

Have you seen the CC tutorial videos ?

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Hmm, I couldn’t see the resize or boolean options because the image wasn’t selected!

I’m a numpty :slight_smile:

I have looked at the tutorials, but I’ll revisit them, I think!

Thanks for your response.

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I use a laptop with touch pad. I also have a wireless mouse and keyboard. With the mouse I can resize the viewing easily but the touch pad seems impossible to resize the viewing area. The mouse I hold down the left button while using the wheel to resize. I am doing this from memory so mileage may vary. I have imported svg that is larger than the viewing area so I can widen out to select the whole image to shrink.

If you are creating custom images it is recommended to create and save at 96 dpi so imports stay constrained to the size created when imported.


Also remember that as of 4.74 they’ve added a feature to zoom the screen to show all selected objects. If you have an object that larger than the screen, just select it and press “F” (Fit to Window) and the view will zoom out to get the full object visible, even though the stock is smaller. Then it’s easier to scale it. That’s different than the Reset View scroll (CTRL-F) which zooms to show the entire stock area.


Thanks, everyone.

I’ve watched the tutorials as well (again).

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