Navy Beer Stein and Coffee Cup Holder

(Lplus9Designs) #1

This certainly wasn’t the first thing I made, but it’s one I’m fairly happy with. I originally made it as a test for another customer and decided to put my wings, callsign, and squadron designators on it. I honestly thought I’d end up throwing it away if it didn’t work. I’m happy it did, and I can hang all my old squadron mugs and steins on my office wall now. Win-win.


(Bob zambron) #2

Turned out nice. What bit did you use for the emblem?


(Lplus9Designs) #3

This was just a Whiteside half-inch 90 degree V-bit for the whole thing. It was one of the first times I had used a v-carve function.

On later ones I’ve done like the one pictured below, once I started engraving squadron patches instead of alpha numeric designators I use a collection of small engraving bits that are generally between 90 and 40 degrees. 90 and 60 if I’m v-carving and 60 or 40 if I’m just contouring a line.


(Bob zambron) #4

Thank you for the info again very nice work.