.NC File Compatibility?

Hello all, newbie with a newbie question, but I can’t seem to find an answer for it.

I made my first model in Fusion 360, I used three 2D pocket processes and one 2D adaptive clearing. I followed an online guide to export a file which was supposedly the process I needed to use to get a compatible G-code file for the Shapeoko. The file I got was an .NC, can I upload this in Carbide Motion and run it? I figured I’d ask before I just started plugging things in and pressing buttons. I can’t exactly afford another one! Thanks :smiley:

Shapoko 3XL, fully updated Carbide Motion + machine controller

Yep, .nc is the extension for g-code used on the shapeoko (not that the extension matters much). If you want to feel safer before running the job I recommend you use an online g-code preview tool, you will see exactly the path the endmill will follow.


Camotics is a nice app with a very solid gcode previewer. Highly recomended.


Thanks to both! There’s so much information, sometimes I just want to crawl back into my hole with Carbide Create and make cutting boards all day