.nc g-code for Shapoko 3

I created a cut in V-carve and saved the g-code in one of the .nc options to make the cut with my SO3xl. Create would not recognize it, it said error in line 1. For a test, I raised my Z position, deleted line 1, and ran it. The cutter moved, but the movement and cut was very small, way out of proportion. Is there a .nc file I can save in V-carve that would work with my SO3?

You will need to ensure that the G-code goes out w/ the command to indicate the correct units — sounds as if you have a file in Imperial, it doesn’t have G20 in it (or you deleted it), and it was processed in mm (the default).

Which Post-processor are you using?

The community has some notes on this at:


With some post-processors, what’s confusing CM is a space before the % symbol on the first line — deleting that lets things run properly.

Thanks Will, There is no % symbol in the first line. The file was designed in (V-carve) Aspire and g-code was created in Aspire. I was trying to run it in Carbide Motion since it now uses a .nc g-code file. I chose one of the g-code .nc format options available in Aspire, there are lots of them for different machines. Is there a compatible .nc g-code I can choose?
This was the first few lines of g-code. I’ll have to check on the mm vs. inches question. It is what I use on my other CNC.

N100 G70
N102 M06 T1
N104 M03 S16000
N106 G0 Z0.8000
N108 G0 X0.0000 Y0.0000
N110 G0 X3.9096 Y3.0494 Z0.2000
N112 G1 Z-0.1752 F30.0
N114 G1 X4.1440 Y3.1298 Z0.0000 F100.0
N116 X3.9096 Y3.0494 Z-0.1752
N118 X3.9109 Y3.0258 Z-0.1636

I’ll try changing the first line to G20 and try again.

Use the correct post processor – see the link I posted.

Thank you Will for sending me in the right direction. The post processor for Shapoko worked perfectly. I have a lot more to learn about g-code, with so many different formats and details.
By the way, thank you for all the Carbide Create upgrades! It is so much better with the improvements. Keep up the good work!