Neat F360 Plugin for Height Map Images -> Surfaces

Ran across this plugin for Fusion360 today, seems to work well, has a lot of capability. I think I looked at a much older version of this that wasn’t so sophisticated.

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Have you used/tried it?


I’ve run it, made a model, but not generated gcode yet.

I tried that quite a while ago. If I remember correctly, I had issues getting from the mesh to anything I could run CAM on.

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" Convert the Mesh to a BREP

  1. Enter the Model environment
  2. Select the Create->Create a Base Feature item from the toolbar
  3. Right-click/Ctrl-click on the mesh and in the context menu, select Mesh to BRep.
  4. In the dialog displayed, the mesh should already be selected. Click OK."

I’ve had this work - this didn’t have any directions before, now it does, and they seem to work.


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