Need 3D files direction

Hello all.

I am in need of some help and direction.

I need to either…

  1. find a program that I can use to create my own gray-scale-height maps that can be used in carbide create for 3D projects


  1. outsource the work out to someone who would be able to get it done for me.

Thank you all in advance to those who reply to this post.

List item

This is something like what I’d like to do

If you’ll post the image you wish to work w/ we will gladly work up a step-by-step tutorial.

just updated the post

First, find a vector version of the file in question — fortunately, we happen to have one in our Elements Library:

It has some open vectors, so these will all need to be closed.

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Alternately, use:


Load the image you wish to work w/, and if desired, add a pixel image for reference:

Then clean things up as necessary — here’s a file if one wishes to experiment w/ that:

Seal of the Army.c2d (2.0 MB)

Once the file is completely cleaned up and one has only closed geometry, one can begin 3D modeling:

and continue in that vein until one has modeled everything.

Seal of the Army.c2d (2.3 MB)