Need a small palm sander

I am looking to source a small palm sander with 2 or 3 inch pad to sand small spaces. If anyone knows of a place that I can purchase one please let me know . I have not been able to find one
Thanks, David

Do you need power?

I bought:

which has been great.

Either corded or battery would work

I have a dremmel oscillating tool. They make triangle shaped heads for those with various grits of sand paper. I find it handy to get up into corners and the oscillating tool is handy for cutting off tabs on cnc projects.

Most of the oscillating tools have the sanding option.

A more common alternative would just be a sanding block. You can make your own with a piece of wood and some cork on the bottom. If you make one be sure to make your size multiples of a piece of sand paper so you can pre cut sheets to fit on your block and not waste a bunch of sand paper. There are a bunch of videos on youtube about making your own sanding block. In some ways hand sanding can be superior because you have a harder time over doing your sanding.

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I bought this air powered Ingersoll Rand random orbital sander that uses 3" velcro sanding pads, and I bought extra pads and cut them down to 2" and 1" diameters.

I have a pancake air compressor. Is that sufficient to run that sander or do I need something larger

The literature reads 513 L/min air consumption which is 18.1cfm. Not sure if it’s slpm/scfm but I would assume so.

I’ve ben eyeing one of these Arbortech Contour sander attachments to an angle grinder for a while now.

I also like the oscillating multi tool with the sanding pads, and if your looking for a lower cost one they can be found at Harbor Freight.


I bought one of these:

I was completely disappointed. Maybe it would work for balsa wood but I have not had success with anything else.

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