Need Advise on Painting

I cut this this afternoon. I would like some advise on painting. I want to make it 2 colors. I can spray the back ground color but wondering how to paint the raised part like the skull. I have seen MatchBox restoration videos where they spray white paint and then press the tires down with the raised letters and get a good result. This is a larger image so not sure if that would work. The image is 7.25" by 10" tall.

I dont want to hand paint it because I would like the raised part a different color and the v carve sides to stay the base color.

This was an advanced vcarbe with #251 for flat areas and #302 for vcarving. Took about 75 minutes.

Background black and the raised red.

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Usual approach would be to paint first (red), wait to fully dry, then cover with something like oramask. Cut, paint (black) then peel the mask off.

Search the forums for ‘oramask’, you should find lots of tips.


Personally, I would have started with the color you wanted on the raised portion first prior to cutting. Or after flattening. Then after it was dry, I’d put masking over the that. I use adhesive drawer liner from the hardware store. Make sure to rub the adhesive liner down to make good contact. I use a plastic putty knife for that and get out any air bubbles.
Cut as usual, then put on the second color. I wait for that to dry and remove the masking.

Since this is already cut, spray paint black first, wait for that to dry and use a short nap roller or a rubber ink roller, if you can find one, then roll-on very light coats of red, so it doesn’t bleed over the edge, till you get the density you want.

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I do this kind of painting on some of the signs i make. Like you said, i spray the whole piece with the background color. Then i use a soft cloth to dab off the extra paint off the top portion. Then i take a 2 inch high density foam roller and do the raised portions. If you don’t use too much paint on the roller and don’t press down too hard it paints well without the paint getting down on the lower surface. It usually take 2 coats to cover the raised portion. I use a heat gun to dry the top coat color so i dont have to wait between coats.

As an option, sometimes i use a soft cloth with a little gas on it it carefully clean some of the extra paint off the raised portion also.

Like someone mentioned if you cover the whole piece with orek mask or clear contact paper before you cut it, it makes it a little easier for cleanup of the overspray. Its not perfect but it helps. I tried the orek mask and i found that clear contact paper works better for me and is cheaper

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