Need earlier build version of carbide create

So carbide 3D has decided not to allow customers access to earlier build versions to support older operating systems.

Really surprising decision making on customer support.

Kinda outrageous.

Maybe not such a good idea to keep everything in the cloud. “ oh I can just go back and download the earlier build” Not.

Not only that, the trap is that the latest carbide create installer apparently doesn’t check for operating system compatability. It just writes over the older version and leaves the program disabled.

Hat in hand, does anybody in the community have carbide create-46 that will function with
OS 10.12.6? And would they share it with me?

Because carbide 3D won’t.

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Carbide Create 5 shouldn’t overwrite a CC4 build — don’t you still have it in the Applications folder?

Do you not have the CC446 dmg in your Downloads?

It did, and no I don’t.

It asked to replace the earlier version, and I clicked yes.

On Windows, CC5 won’t overwrite CC5, but on Mac OS X all versions are named “Carbide” — do you have the disk image or app in a backup?

First, thank you for taking the time to respond to my issue.
In response to your query about my having the earlier version download .dmg in my download files; no I don’t have it.
And I don’t think it’s my job to maintain a software archive for carbide 3D.
Sorry to be testy on this, but I am a busy studio and I’ve been stalled by this.
Everyone else in the world maintains an accessible software archive. This is weird.
Still waiting for that version 46 to appear in my mail box!

Found an old version: Dropbox - CarbideCreate-446.dmg - Simplify your life


Got it! works great. Thank you very much.

Now don’t lose this one. Just kidding. I am glad you got a copy.

With regards to your comment above though, many software companies do not provide access to old versions. Some do, but many do not. A lot of companies are only supporting the current version and one or two back at most. In fact, the version of you macOS you are running is not really supported by Apple any more. You can still get a copy but you should not be running it if your computer is on the internet. The last update for it was in 2019. There is a very good chance that there are security issues with that OS that have not been patched.

Apple refuses to say which versions of their macOS is supported and they just stop releasing patches. This is a good article discussing which versions are still supported.

It is not really reasonable to ask a company to provide software to work on operating systems that are not supported by the OS provider anymore. So in this case it may be your job to maintain a software archive of software to ensure it works with your unsupported operating system even though it would be nice if Carbide3d also made them available. I work in IT though and know that if something is available someone will ask for help with it and it is not feasible to maintain support for software versions that are no longer being developed.


I’ll look at everything. Thanks for this.