Need help connecting spindle cable to VFD on 220V HDM

I have the HDM with a 220V spindle and I need to reconnect the spindle cable. Could someone share information or a photo of the connection of the spindle cable to the VFD inside the control box? There are four colored leads on the cable, yellow, red, black and white. The VFD has terminals marked as ground, U, V, and W. I need to match them up. Carbide support has been unable to provide this information. Here is a photo of how I connected it, but I do not know if it is correct.

I do not have the HDM but I do have one of their spindles and VFD’s and it is wired as yellow is ground, white is U, red is V and black is W. If you end up mixing the UVW wires up your spindle will just rotate in the wrong direction.

Thank you Gibs! I have swapped the connections and tested out the spindle and it is working perfectly. Here is a photo of the correct wiring connections for reference to others.

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