Need Help Creating a Grid File

Did search without results.
I would like to create a file to cut a 2" x 2" grid pattern (think Tic-Tac-Toe) on my waste board to use a point of reference and ensure my stock square on the board and to the X axis.

Any suggestions would help. I’m a newb so go easy on me.

I wrote up a bit about measuring the machine at:

You have a couple of options on the grid:

  • draw lines which you then follow w/ a suitable endmill
  • draw up rectangles which will allow V carving the design

If you get stuck, let us know what size machine you have and post the file and note the specifics of your difficulty and we’ll do our best to assist.

@Pops2 You might want to also consider building a simple “L” bracket which will guarantee stock alignment to the travel of the gantry.

I built my simple “L” with a two pass process to ensure alignment without having to rely on measurements:

  • Using the same hole design (c2d file) that I used to create my waste board (I have a “Myers” design), I copied the c2d and then stole only the bottom outside corner’s worth of holes to save a new design file.
  • I then drew a perpendicular “L” to the inside of the holes
  • For Pass 1, I clamped a rectangle of wood to my CNC and pocketed the holes only.
  • For Pass 2, I screwed the rectangle to my spoil board lugs through the holes I just created, and ran the toolpath to cut out the “L”. This guarantees that the “L” is perfectly aligned with the holes on the board - without having to measure anything.

    Because of the two passes, the CNC will cut the “L” relative to the holes in your spoil board, so you can place it anywhere on the spoilboard and be sure that any stock that’s aligned within the “L” is going to be perfectly aligned to your gantry path without having to rely on your eye. It works really well.

I also made a few out of different thickness boards, so I can reduce interference in the inside corner.


Sorry for the delay, had a few medical issues to deal with.
I already have the bracket. I guess it’s a matter of OCD, I like the idea of having visual representation as a backup.
I noticed on your drawing that the “L” you used is an open vector based on color.
My question with that is how do you create a toolpath for those.
Like I said, new to all this and don’t know all the nuances of CC.
Thank you for the reply.

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