Need help getting new Shapeoko Pro XXL to communicate with carbide motion

I have my new Shapeoko Pro XXL machine assembled and am anxious to get started with some projects. However, I can’t get the machine to communicate with the Carbide motion. When motion is open and I turn on the machine I get a message "no configuration found for the attached machine, so I know the computer sees the machine. However, when I go to “setup new machine”. I can select the machine type and when I get to the screen to “connect to machine”, it will not go any further. I also notice a red light comes on, located below the USB connector. The red light might not mean anything specific, but I do mention it as a point of interest. I have tried connecting to a different computer and different USB cable, with no difference. How do I get past this point? Any help is appreciated!

The red light indicates USB communication/connection, so should be good.

Basically it should all work as described in:

There is a basic page on troubleshooting connection issues at: Machine operating checklist

Things to check:

  • power supply plugged in — it lights up after being plugged in and stays lit with a steady light?
  • power supply connected to machine and switched on — the in-line switch is small and easily missed (try toggling on/off a couple of times) SO4/Pro — machine power switch is switched on and lights up?
  • machine boots up, controller lights up with power, lights flicker on/off, motors lock?
  • machine connected to computer using USB — computer registers USB device? red/green/white lights on controller begin to blink signifying USB communication?
  • How is the USB connection being made? 6’ or less is recommended, and poor quality adapters cables are known to be problematic
  • Are there any conflicting devices in the USB Device Tree? Even a pair of Bluetooth speakers can conflict

The blue power light comes on and stays steady. The USB cable is the original, although I tried a different one with no difference. On the “connect to Machine” popup page, I do not get the "connection established. There are no other devices connected other than keyboard and mouse. the computer device manager recognizes the connection by identifying it as a Shapeoko 3. It is on COM 4 and defaults at a baud rate of 9600. I read somewhere the baud rate needed to be 115,200, so I tried changing it, but made no difference. What should the COM port and baud rate be set to?

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