Need help having issues with my Shapeoko Xl

So I had my Shapeoko for I think over a Year now. Put it together and it was sitting in my garage all this time cause life happened and other priorities came up. In any case I got up and running, it was working fine for about 2 hours and now I’m having issues. Is this where I go for tech support? Would really like it running please help.

I’m part of this Facebook group where I first posted my issues with video. If anyone can help would very much appreciate it.

Hi @Makakoa808,

The primary channel to get support would be sending an email to
You are also welcome to post details about your issue here, and the community will help you out. Be sure to include lots of details about what you were trying to do, how exactly you proceeded to do it, and what happened.


You’ll want to post it here. Not everyone is part of Facebook or that group.

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Hi, I got the issues fixed by taking the carrige apart and putting it back together making sure everything was nice and tight. Ran job and everything seems to be working fine now. Thank you.

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