Need Help Setting Tabs

Newbie with still plenty to learn. I want to carve letters completely through a 3/4 inch piece of wood but I want the inside parts of the letters such as A,B,D,P,O etc. to remain within each letter. I know I need to set tabs, at least I believe that is what I need to do. I need help with that. What thickness can a tab be set to. I know the tab starts at the bottom of the cut. Can I make the thickness of the tab a 1/4 inch or thicker? Thanks for any help!!

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I usually use tabs that are between .1 to ,3 inches wide X .12 to .16 inches thick, The size of the letter determine the width and height of the tabs. As far as the inner letter cutout, I will use a pocket cut (remove all material inside) and use tabs on bigger letters when there is enough room to clean-up the tab easily.


I usually go with 3mm height and 4mm width.
If you set the tabs at cuts that go orthogonal to the wood fibers, the tabs are also stronger.

What use-case do you have where you still need the inside part? May it be feasible to not cut through at the inside at all?

Thanks for your insight. The phrase is to be cut through the wood so that LED lights can be installed behind the wood making the words visible to read. It is important to keep all parts of each letter in tact so that when light is projected through the openings that the letters appear as printed. Parts of the phrase has letters of 1 inch in height and I am using a 1/8 flat endmill cutting on the inside. My fear is because the cuts are tight that the inner parts of the letters may be ejected from the cut unless i use beefy tabs??

Maybe you find a nice font with no islands. Here’s an not so nice example to show what I mean:


Thank you very much. I will save and use this font going forward. I was successful in cutting the board using tabs. It took some time setting it up. Using the font you sent me would have been much quicker and probably look cleaner. I am learning. AGAIN, thanks for educating and helping me out. Much appreciated.

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