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Well, I have successfully completed two projects and moved on too another; however, I am encountering a problem. I’ve narrowed it down to the actual program maybe, because I went back to the last project and the CNC started where it needed too. Now, with this third project, the CNC seems to want to do the project forward of the CNC. As in, it comes all the way forward, grinds the belts, and starts in mid air. I’ve gone over and over with the Toolpath and cant seem to find where its causing the CNC to start in obviously the wrong place. I use the BitSetter and BitZero as well. I made a video which I will try to attach to this thread, but it looks like that’s not an option. I’ll keep looking.

TP Infinity one eighth endmill (69.5 KB)

There is something wrong with your toolpath, the startpoint is 26" to the right of the zero point

I’m not familiar with Carveco but I suspect something is incorrect in your settings there, something like the “home” position ?


My best guess here is that you may be setting your project origin incorrectly?

For example, if your project is set up with the origin in the center of your work piece but you set the origin on the corner, it will offset all the movements. I may have done this myself… once or twice… but never a third time :eyes:

Those are all good points I will look at. thank you. I’m trying to figure out how to send a link to this thread with the video. If anyone know how, that would be appreciated. b

You need to upload your video to a file hosting site and share the link to the uploaded file here.
Or if you have a youtube account, upload the video there and paste the link to the video here, it will show up embedded in your post.

I’m trying google drive. Maybe that will work. Looks like I need to continue building my YOUTUBE account and just not watch videos. ha.

Allright, after looking at the video this is what happens: in the design you have your zero position set to the top middle of your stock (see the screen capture I pasted above ? where the blue/green/red axes cross). But then on the machine you actually zero on the lower left corner, so like Tyler said then everything is off

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I think this is it. I remember the ruler being set 10 inches to right and -10 to left which was unusual. When I get back from work, I will look at this again. thanks.

Also the initial move 26" to the right upon starting is probably related to how you set “home” position:

you probably want to fix that too, you were lucky to not collide with the right stop of the X axis in the video, but zeroing more to the right and you would have crashed.

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