Need Help with a template

Hello, I’m Smokey. Just purchased my XXL Pro a month or so ago and my brain cant figure this out. I’m trying to make a template/hold down that I can place aluminum business cards in to be able to mass produce. Really just looking for pop in and pop out say 20-30 cards at a time so I can set it and work on other things while it is running.

dimensions are 3.3825 x 2.1220 x 0.0290. I have tried a pocket with drill holes in the corners but I cant get the offset right so that the card is snug but doesn’t move around.

I would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance

How about something like this

The plate is 33x33x1/2 (the size of your work envelope. Of course you could go smaller.
0.029 deep pocket 1/2" from bottom & left edges. 1" hole on the right edge of each card for a finger pull.
You could use 2 sided tape to adhere the cards to the plate. You might want to add the tape thickness to the pocket depth. Or just use that as your cut depth and cut at Z0
This one will fit 135 cards

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This is smart thanks. I was trying to do the layout with the groove being only large enough for a single card, but with card size variants (amazon specials) I couldn’t figure out the offset. Your design would help with that because I could always just not use the top or bottom row or the end row. Thanks for the tip

This was my 400th try :upside_down_face:

Any tips on settings for the MC Etcher. I have been using a depth of 0.0073 at whatever feed and plunge setting were automatically set in the newest version of create?

Don’t have an etcher. Don’t even have my machine yet. :smiley: Hoping soon.

You posted the dimensions to 4 decimal places, so I assumed they were pretty consistent.

If I were trying to press fit a card to a single pocket, I would start out milling the pocket just a hair small & making adjustments until it fit just right. You could do that with Cutter Compensation, but alas it looks like CM doesn’t support that. So maybe start the pocket 0.005" small & adjust one dimension by 0.0005" until it fits, then adjust the other dimension.
A little more work on the fixture, but no tape to fuss with.

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