Need Help with Circle

Don’t know what I am doing wrong, but I set up a circle in Vectric for a .25 endmill, 0.04 cut depth to a total of a .5 inch cut with 4 tabs. When I ran it, the circle got progressively deeper very quickly to where it bogged down not even halfway around the circle.

I know a little about G-Code but have no familiarity with Arcs yet. Does anyone see anything obvious in my attached G-Code?
Thanks (490 Bytes)

That doesn’t match the code:

but you’re cutting a slot just as narrow as the endmill, so have high tooling engagement which can drag the machine down into a cut — add geometry and cut as a pocket down to tab depth or the penultimate pass?

Thanks Will, I’m gonna give it a try

Not related to the issue, but I only see 2 tabs. :slight_smile:

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What version of Vectric do you have? I’d be happy to take a look at the design file for you if you can post it albeit, I have an older version Aspire 9.514 and don’t think that I can open Vectric files created above 10.0. Perhaps there’s a way to save the file in a compatible format?

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