Need help with possible tramming issue

I just bought this new flattening bit and seeing some grooves see image, could it be a tram issue ? Which direction does it indicate if it’s out of tram? It’s only happening at bottom and top part

Yes, that’s something of an advantage in using large radius endmills for surfacing a spoilboard — they magnify anything not being square, level, or plumb.

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If the pictures are in the X direction than you need to shim your router mount with tin foil or another shim. The ridges indicate that your router is leaning to the front or rear. Inspect the ridges and see which way the ridges are leaning. If they are high in the front then this indicates that the router is leaning and shimming at the top of the router mount is necessary. If the ridges are high towards the back then you need to shim the bottom of the router mount.

When shimming you can cause the router to slip side to side and so after you get through shimming Tram your spoil board again and look for ridges. When you get the spoil board flat you are done. One thing to do is to take a pencil and squiggle all over the spoil board to make sure when done all the pencil marks are gone. If you have low spots you will still see pencil marks so just Tram again until all pencil marks are gone. The eccentric nuts for the HD are available on and are good for all your eccentric nuts if you want to order and replace yours. However the eccentric nuts do nothing for shimming your router mount front to back only side to side. Some 1 2 3 setup blocks can help with holding your router mount square while doing the shimming of the router mount and you can get them all over like Amazon and other for less than $30.00.


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