Need help with vcarve

Vcarve Screenshot

How do I get these carvings to be deeper? I am currently using a 60 degree v bit and using stock bottom as my depth. I can barely see the carving of the gnome and mushroom.

You would need to use a more acute tool.

I would suggest the Amana 30 degree tool:

and configuring it as a V endmill:

(please check and test the feeds and speeds)

Ok thank you so much!

For fine lines a 60/90 degree vee bit barely scratch the surface. I use a 15 degree but when carving fine lines. If you are doing a simple vcarve you are correct to use bottom of material because a simple vcarve will cut until both sides of the lines are cut. An advanced vcarve does not go down the middle but goes along each side of the lines. For advanced vcarve it is ok to limit depth but if you limit depth with a simple vcarve you can get strange results.

Here is an example of a plaque I made. The lettering is with a 60 degree but the car was cut with a 15 degree vee bit.

If I had used the 60 degree the car was not even visible.

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