Need some good quality bits?

The Chapman Manufacturing Master Set is awesome:

(remember using a set with fondness when I was in the Air Force)

and after mentioning it on /r/BicycleGear, a company rep at: Reddit - Dive into anything offered up a discount code:

You can use the code “BicycleGear” for 15% off the Master Set. I usually only give codes around the holidays, so maybe that’ll persuade you to buy one :slight_smile: Here’s the link #5575 Master Screwdriver Set | Chapman MFG – Chapman Manufacturing

Unfortunately I’m not in a position to buy it (blew my discretionary funds on 10 45 and 10 more 60 degree endmills from drillman1 on eBay) — but if anyone else can make use of this, highly recommended.


Thanks so much for posting us on this forum! These little CNC’s look amazing, does anyone use them for prototyping parts in tool steel?

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You’re welcome!

I believe some folks have done that:

For cutting in Steel (which is quite damaging compared to cutting aluminum) I use 1/8 and 6mm cheap cutters (not bits) from OR They work great ($1 for 1/8 and $3 for 6mm) I usually get a full day on a single cutter.

Here is what I made (60% steel, 40% Aluminum) My Power Hacksaw (details on my YouTube Channel)


I love that power hacksaw. I’ve seen others (commercially) but none so nice.


Thanks so much for the info, I’ll have to look into one of the CNC’s for prototyping new parts. We have CNC lathes that I don’t want to take down from production to run prototypes.


Thanks will, I ordered up the master set and another small kit this morning! I’m a sucker for tools made in the USA, even if I don’t have a known need for them at the time.


just got mine! That’s a TINY wrench!


It’s small but mighty! Great photo!

I think this might be like the set Will used in the Air Force, this one is USN issue, 1970.

Not proud of their condition, apparently my tool box on the workbench has a leak.


If you want to update that a bit:

(still trying to decide if I’m going to buy a set tomorrow — I’m a sucker for limited editions, but to be honest, I managed to get pretty much all the 1/4" hex bits I need, and what I really want is a master set from PB Swiss Tools — I was very impressed w/ the Victorinox Bike Tool set my sister bought for me (but not so much that I’m willing to order the nifty limited black edition:[filter]=1&cHash=c23f6759909bd840468a6c67e4e97f94 — arguably what I should do is wait until I retire, then lay out all of my bits, sort out all the dupes, and make nice storage for them, something along the lines of: — which reminds me, I also need to get some glossy black paint for that screwdriver handle)

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Ahhhhhhhhh, SOLD OUT!

“He who hesitates loses.”

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They’re pre-announced and are supposed to go up for sale at noon tomorrow (EST, I guess).

:hot_face: just noticed the date…happy boy now. I’ll probably buy a set to give to my grandson…after I’ve broken them in, of course.

PB Swiss? Google here I come.

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The search term you want to use is:

“PB Swiss Tools PB C6-992 90 Bit set in box”

(which I couldn’t find on their site when I browsed)

Here you go, I searched PB tools and the part number found these:

PB Swiss Tools PB C6-992 90 Bit set in box

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Yeah, managed to find the Amazon listing via a web search — my issue was when browsing I couldn’t figure out how to come across it on the PB Swiss site — they could learn a lot from McMaster-Carr. (And of course, this plays to our discussion about the same problem here)

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